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We offer both TYII and TYIII (Hardcoat) Anodizing, CL1 (clear) and CL2 (dyed). These are all certified to MIL-A-8625, as well as to most commercial specifications.

Archway Anodize

Conversion Coating

Conversion Coating provides an excellent base or primer for paint, powder-coating, and other applications on aluminum. We also offer a Chrome-free conversion coat that meets ROHS standards. All are certified to MIL-DTL-5541, TYI & TYII, classes 1A & 3.

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Most grades of stainless steel, especially low grades, are not resistant to rusting. We dip your stainless steel in a nitric acid bath to passivate any iron and keep it from rusting.

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he anodizing of aluminum allows it to be used in many applications for which it might not otherwise be suitable. The anodize process forms an oxide film, which grows from the base metal. The film, when properly applied, gives the aluminum a hard, corrosion-and-abrasion-resistant coating with excellent wear properties. We make your aluminum last. We have the boldest and brightest colors to add your signature touch to any product. 

Our team cares about our clients and the work we do. Our work is all done by hand – no cranes involved – at a price that is hard to beat. With 60 years of combined anodizing experience, we will find a solution that fits your individual needs. When you have a tight deadline, our quick turnaround helps us meet your demands.

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